Battle between Sioux and Chippewa

July 4, 1839

The Sioux and Chippewa meet in battle in a ravine just north of Stillwater. The conflict begins on July 2, when a son-in-law of the Sioux band, named Meekaw, is killed and scalped by two Chippewa of the Pillager band near Lake Calhoun. This act begins to stir unpleasant sentiments among the Sioux and war parties are immediately sent out in pursuit. On July 3, the Kaposia band of Sioux finds the St. Croix Chippewa in a ravine just north of today’s Stillwater. They attack. By the end of the battle twenty-one Chippewa lay dead with another twenty-nine wounded. However, the Sioux suffer no casualties. The location of this skirmish becomes known as “Battle Hollow”, and later becomes the site of the Minnesota Territorial Prison.

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