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Stillwater Gazette Photo Collection

Name Location 1 Location 2 Notes
Byrd, Robert [Sen]
Byrnes, Edd
Cabrini, Sister
Cafferty, Don August 1976. (photo by Wolff Photography)
Cagdill, Steve see Thueson, Tom
Cain, Ed w/Grams, Rod US Senator
Cain, Edward E. Apache Corporation Director - Corporate Affairs
Caldwell, Guv Edberg AAUW Silent Auction
Calease, Cindy 1-24-1995 p.6
Calkins, Janet 8-28-1996 Hidden Garden Biz Page
Callen, Philip w/Strout, Edwin (photo by Marcie Stein)
Callies, Rick
Campbell, Don w/studer, Steve
Campbell, Don "Coach"
Campbell, Ellen w/Nettakoven, Arlene
Campbell, Ellen Giving Gov. Rudy Perpich a tour
Campbell, Frederick F. [Rev]
Campbell, Molly
Campbell, Oliver 5-15-1991 Biz Digest Stillwater Ford
Campbell, R.H.
Campbell, Tom
Campion, Bill Candidate for re-election to the May Town
Campion, Bill & Jeanne see Lipin, Olag
Campion, Cathy H.S.I.
Camtan, Josh Bayport ice rink -- practicing hockey shots
Canale, Mark S.
Candle, Sonia Gardener's Market w/Cummings, Merilyn
Candoli, Conte
Cannon, Lee
Canon, Eugene & Sara Wedding 7-27-1995 p.2
Capelle, Christine Lakewood Student
Capistrant, Carol & Steve Plugger Poker Run
Capiz, Stephen P. Capiz Galleries Business 5-29-1991 p.8
Cappa, Blanche Nov. 23, 1974.
Capra, Ted & Tony
Capuzzi, Cara 9-18-1991 p.1
Cardin, Pat Washington County Fair 1993
Carli, Lydia
Carlsen, Daniel B. Military
Carlsen, Dave May 21, 1976.
Carlsen, David 1998-99 MN Chamber of Commerce Chair
Carlsen, Tessa see Michel, Anna
Carlson, Arnie 4-28-1993 MN Governor (photo by Jonathan C. Stilley)
Carlson, Arnie State Auditor -- later MN Governor
Carlson, Bud
Carlson, Cheryl see Dorsey, Mike
Carlson, D. 1-29-1986.
Carlson, David VFW Post 323 4/1999
Carlson, Don w/Humphrey, Elaine