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Stillwater Gazette Photo Collection

Name Location 1 Location 2 Notes
Barnhirt, Rick Valley Voices 11/04/1998
Barnholdt, Teri E. Valley Agencies 1990
Barott, Sally & Lois Country B & B - Shafer, MN
Barrette, Emery Sept. 21, 1991 Hamline University (photo by Larry Marcus)
Barron, Tom University of Minnesota
Barrows, Cliff
Barrozo, Tobin Metro State University Pres. Elect 10-11-1989
Barry, Margarita Oakdale, MN w/Anderson, Vi
Barski, Ed see Hickey, Alice
Barski, Edward S. Teacher of the Year
Barsness, Kara Rodeo -- of Starbuck, MN
Barszcz, Father Josef Adam
Barth, Sandee
Bartkey, Julie
Basie, Count Singer
Bassitt, David G. Piper Trust Company, Mpls. 3-1992
Bataglid, Brian w/Hubman, James
Batagliz, Maria A.
Bauer, Bill
Bauer, Bruce
Bauer, Emily see/Carlson, Lane
Bayer, Kristi Lake Elmo
Baylor, Elgin Basketball Hall of Fame
Beach, Ruth
Bealka, Dr. Neal M. Jr. 11-09-1993 p.7
Bealka, "Taco" w/Kline, Dick
Bealka, "Taco" see Kasun,
Beall, Gregory D.
Bean, Tiffany Flag 7-05-1991 p.7
Bearse, Judge Edward 9-02-1992 p.1
Beasley UFE
Beattie, Rob 5-04-1994 p.8
Beaudet, Ben Football
Beaulieu, Andre see Rossini, Marty
Beaulieu, Andre Hockey Coach, SHS
Beaver, Joan Teacher's strike vote w/Kurtzman, Nancy
Beberg, Dick
Beck, Arba Della Family Means w/Lundin, Eileen
Becker, Barb
Becker, Dick
Becker, Kimberly Family 2-01-1995 p2
Becker, Richard WCSO
Beckert, Liesel 10-04-1993 p.8 (photo by Jonathan C. Stilley)
Beckstrand, Paul E.
Bedore, Dave Publisher - 3-09-1994 p6
Beedle, Douglas
Beedle, Matthew w/Delaney, Tom
Beedle, Terry Eagleview Realty - 5-08-1990
Beer, Julius Valley Voices - 4/20-1998