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Delayed Registration of Births

These are delayed registrations of births of Washington. These are filed when a person does not have a birth certificate. The information in these documents contain baptismal records, affidavits to support the claim of the date of birth, census documentation and other misc. information that will support the claim of the date of birth.

Name Location 1 Location 2 Notes
Bennett, Lilly May
Bennett, Minnie
Bibeau, James J.
Borth, Frank Lavern
Carlson, Edgar Leroy
Falk, Byron Adrian
Ferguson, Luke Eastman
Haefner, George Edward
Jenks, Lois Augusta
Johnson, George John
Judkins, Tammy Michelle
Kessel, Joseph Andrew
Letourneau, Donald Dennis photocopy
May, Morgan
McGlinch, George Harrison
Otis, Susan Ann
Plain, Kenneth James
Rioux, Harold Edward
Sandin, Reuben Benjaiman
Schmelzer, George Dewey
Slocum, Sheldon Lee
Stenstrom, Carl Oscar
Warman, Mary
Warman, Nora Pauline
Ziegler, Elvena Wilhelmina Fredericka
Ziegler, Rose Sophia Martha