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WCHS Photograph Collection

Name Location 1 Location 2 Notes
Culver, Marguerita Stillwater High School class of 1907 [oversized photo]
Culver, Will
Cummings, Robert Winthrop [MHS print]
Curley, Ella Stillwater High School class of 1907 [oversized photo]
Curtis, Florence With Mary Jo, Tom and Pat on horseback
Curtis, Florence
Curtis, George William
Curtis, Tom With Florence, Mary and Pat on horseback
Curtis, Tom
Curtis, Tom
Cutter, Pete
Dahl, Oscar G-165
Dahlin, LeRoy G-165
Dana, Col. Napoleon J. T. (Col.)
Daniels, Jesse G-165
Danielson, Chester G-165
Danielson, Eva
Danielson, Paul Stillwater High School 1905 Class photo [oversized]
Dare, A. N.
Dartt, E. H. S.
Davies, Elsie (Burton)
Davis, Mrs. Frances
Davis, Harry Stillwater High School class of 1906 [oversized photo]
Davis, Horace
Davis, Ida Gilbert
Davis, R. S.
Day, [Dr] David
Day, Ditus
Dean, Russell
Dean, S. E.
DeCurtins, Frank Halmrast Bros. Stillwater, Minn photographer
DeCurtins, Frank
Deems, Dr.
DeFore, Helen Stillwater High School class of 1908 [oversized photo]
DeFore, Jos. G-165
Delano, Frances R.
DeLong, Al
Densmore, ------
Denton, Daniel
Denton, Elizabeth (Sears)
Denton, Silas Sears
Denton, Sopronia (Cowles)
Deragisch, Albert
Deragisch, Alexander
Deragisch, Antoine Louis
Deragisch, Genrvieve
Deragisch, Jacob
Deragisch, Jennie (Secrest)
Deragisch, Jerome Bennet
Deragisch, Josephine