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WCHS Photograph Collection

Name Location 1 Location 2 Notes
Conrad, Edwin
Conrad, Edwin M. 13th MN Co. K oversized photo 1899
Conrad, Edwin
Conrad, Eliza (Mrs. W.S.)
Conrad, Jennie Pegram
Conrad, Maud
Conrad, Parker Travers
Conrad, W. S.
Conrad, Mrs. W. S. (Mrs.)
Conrad, W. S.
Conrad, William S.
Conrad, William Lindsay
Conroy, Mary Lu Greeley School Kindergarten Rhythm Band 1930 [oversized photo]
Contram, A.
Converse, Mrs. T. R.
Converse, T. R.
Cook, Terrence 13th MN Co. K oversized photo 1899
Cooke, Eliza (Krueger)
Cooper, Peter
Copas, Frank
Copas, Mrs. Frank (Mrs.)
Copas, Ida (Thorelle)
Coplin, Eliza May
Corcoran, Rev. Charles (Rev)
Corcoran, Eugene Daniel Portrait: On Main Street Stillwater ca. 1922
Corson, Irving Stillwater High School class of 1906 [oversized photo]
Corson, Mary E. Stillwater High School class of 1908 [oversized photo]
Costello, Mary Stillwater High School 1905 Class photo [oversized]
Cote, Olive
Cote, Sauveur
Couch, J.
Courturier, Maxcell
Cover, Kittie
Cover, Sam Stillwater High School class of 1899 [oversized photo]
Cowell, Chauncey
Cowles, Catherine
Cowles, David Sr.
Cowles, Erwin A.
Craig, H. E.
Crandall, James
Cressy, Mrs.
Cressy, Mr.
Cressy, Mrs. Charles A. (Mrs.)
Crimmins, Jerome
Croonquist, Axel
Crosby, "Bing"
Crosby, Catherine (Harrigan)
Crosby, Howard
Culbertson, M/M
Culver, Mrs.